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Formerly and still commonly called 'Dicentra spectabilis', it is now a 'monotypic' species belonging to the Papaveraceae family native to Siberia, China, Korea and Japan.  It was first introduced to England in 1840 by Robert Fortune a botanist and plant hunter.  This old timed favourite tuberous perennial grows rapidly as the weather starts to warm in early Spring. It's arching stems with up to 20 heart-shaped pendant blooms of a lovely fuschia pink with a pink and white droplet beneath. Thus looking like a 'bleeding heart' from which it gets its common name. There is a rarer white form and a red cultivar available. Plant crowns about 5cm deep in a moist, cool situation and best in an Easterly aspect to protect from our hot northerly winds. Fertilise with a complete fertiliser and blood and bone at time of planting and allow enough room for it to develop to its full potential of about 60cm across. Top dress in early Winter with an organic fertiliser and protect from snails and slugs.  This has to be one of our favorite of Mother Nature's gems!


Available May to August