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When Brian Mathew published his treatment of Crocus in 1982, he recognised some 70 species, but that number has grown significantly in recent years. The most recent monograph by Janis Ruksans (2017) lists nearly 300! There are also numerous forms and hybrids. These lovely little plants originate from Europe, Northern Africa and temperate Asia. They can be divided into Spring and Autumn flowering groups, their foliage is grass-like and usually has a silver central stripe. The corms are replaced each year, the growing season using up all the stored energy of the corm, whilst making a new corm for their next seasonal growth. Very frost hardy and grow and flower better in cool areas. Corms require and should be protected from afternoon sun. Plant in soil that has been enriched with Blood and Bone and a good handful of lime. Normal spring rains are usually adequate but they would benefit from some water if spring is dry.


Available January to March