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A member of the Aroid family, however very few aroids match the unique features of the Genus Arisaema, more commonly called Cobra Lilies. A genus of 100 or more species mostly from Asia and a few into North America and tropical Africa. Foliage is very variable, stems can be simply topped with three leaf blades or through to far more complex segmented leaves.  The flower stem emerges through the centre of leaves and are typically ‘arum’ shaped, in that they have a central spadix surrounded by the spathe.  The spathes come in various size, shapes and colours, from intensely hooded in A.griffithii to open spathes in A.sikokianum. Flowers are often followed by striking red seed pods. They prefer moist humus rich soil in a semi-shaded position. Fertilise with Blood and Bone and water weekly during growing season.  Many species prefer a dryer rest over the Winter dormancy months. 


Available Jun - Aug