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This genus of around 40 species commonly called ‘Spider Lilies’ are native to Southern USA to the Northern regions of South America. This member of the Amaryllid family gets it’s name from the Greek ‘Hymen’ meaning membrane and ‘Kalos’ meaning beautiful. Some species are evergreen which tends to be found in the tropical regions, however most grown here in Australia are dormant over the Winter. They all produce long ‘strap-like’ leaves from glossy green through to glaucous. The emerging spikes which bloom from December to February have terminal clusters of fragrant flowers mostly white through to rarer yellow. The blooms consist of a central cup or trumpet with 6 recurved spidery petals. Most blooms are at least 10cm plus across.

They like a well drained, organic rich sunny position and benefit from weekly water over the Summer months. Top dress at the end of Spring with a complete fertiliser.     


Available May to August