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A large genus, with as many as 100 species, which are native to various countries around the Mediterranean Basin, including Central Asia, the Caucasus Mountains, Eastern Turkey to south east Europe The name was derived from ‘Tulbend’ the Turkish name for turban. They have been intensely hybridised over the years and have given rise to numerous cultivars, that are still popular as cut flowers and garden plants today.

The original species tend to be more tolerant of our warmer, drier summers than the modern hybrids, and do not need to be lifted and stored every year. We specialise in offering only species tulipa. Unfortunately they are not happy in the more humid areas of Northern Australia.

Plant in a well-drained spot, suitable for pockets in an Alpine or Rock Garden. Enrich the soil with a complete fertiliser or blood and bone and also some Lime which they like, before planting. Normal Spring rains are usually sufficient, but if season is drier than normal weekly water would be beneficial until foliage has started to yellow off. They can then be kept on the dry side until normal Autumn rains start their growth cycle again. Top-dress with a complete fertiliser and lime each winter prior to growth.


Available January to March