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A genus containing about 20 species, mostly native to the West Coast of USA. They all have nodding flowers on stems up to 30cm. The often  spotted or marbled foliage and the fact that they grow along banks of the trout streams gives rise to their ‘common name’  TROUT LILIES. They range in color from white, yellow to mauve.

The European species E. dens-canis is commonly known as ‘dog’s tooth violet’ due to the shape of the tubers. Their flowers come in purple,rose and white on stems to only about 15cm tall above attractive mottled foliage.

These wonderful gems are frost hardy and do best in cooler regions. They prefer an easterly aspect in good humus-rich soil which has had a small amount of B&B added. Only water if spring conditions are drier than normal. Once foliage and or seed are spent they do not require extra watering. Worth trying as a border plant under deciduous trees like Maples and Birch, where natural leaf mould is available.


Available January to March