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A lot of Aroids are commonly called Arums but this genus only contains about 25 species. They are native to Europe and the Mediterranean region and although some of them omit an unpleasant smell, to attract insects for pollination, they are well worth growing. Most arums are easy to grow in a semi-shaded area forming clumps if left undisturbed.  They require a well drained loamy soil.  They dislike heavy clay soils so an addition of a good compost is recommended for those in the clay belt. Most arums flower from early Spring although one species A.pictum is autumn flowering.  All arums produce a central spadix surrounded by a spathe.  Blooms can range from white, green, spotted or even near as black as nature can get. Add a small amount of complete fertiliser and lime at the time of planting.  Remove old foliage over Summer and top dress with a complete fertiliser as growth emerges. Should only need additional watering if the weather is dry through Spring. Although most are smelly they are truly one of the quirkiest and fascinating groups in nature.


Available January to March