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A southern African genus ranging from South Africa to Malawi, contains 8 species. The genus includes commonly named plants like ‘Arum Lily’ and Calla Lily for the species Z.elliottiana and Z.rehmanni although they are not true lilies. Hybridisation over the years has given rise to many wonderfully coloured ‘Calla Lily’ cultivars much prized by florists and highly valued by gardeners for their blooms and ornamental leaves.

They are rhizomatous tuberous perennials that mostly require a well drained position in full sun. Enrich the soil with blood and bone and if your soil is on the acidic side they will appreciate some lime. Water well once a week during Summer. Remove old foliage late Autumn and top dress with a complete fertiliser. A small amount of potash in early Spring with also be beneficial.



Available January - March