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These tuberous perennials from the Himalayas and east and west Africa with four species in the genus.The name is derived from’ saura’ meaning lizard referring to the spotted flower spathe. Commonly referred to as ‘voodoo lily’ from the corms ability to flower without soil or water. The flower emerges prior to the attractive spotted stems which are topped with palm shaped leaves. The flower consists of a green to maroon wrapped around a dark maroon spadix. As the blooms ages the spathes recurves downward. They prefer a semi-shaded organic rich well drained soil and require some frost protection in colder areas. Although Winter dormant heavy frost will simply put plant into earlier dormancy. Top dress with a complete fertiliser in early Spring. They will benefit from a weekly water during their growing period and better kept on the dryer side over Winter to prevent rot during dormancy.  


Available May to August