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Gloriosa, commonly called Flame Lily, along with Sandersonia and Littonia are now classified as belonging to the Colchicaceae family. The genus name is said to be derived from the Latin term ‘Gloriosus’ meaning full of glory. It is debatable as to how many species actually belong to this genus. The tubers require a well drained sunny spot with support for it to climb using its leaf tendrils similar to that of it’s ‘cousin’ the Littonia.  The stems have lanceolate leaves tapering to a tendril at the end and climb to 1.5 metres plus.  They produce large heavily reflexed blooms of flame red and yellow.  An incredibly striking and beautiful flower.  Will benefit from water once a week during growing and flowering period. Best kept dryer over Winter dormancy to avoid rot.  Top dress at the end of Spring with a complete fertiliser and a little lime.  Protection from snails and slugs and frost when first emerging is a must. Truly desired blooms in the cut flower trade.  Also used in religious ceremonies for the Sri Lankan Tamils.


Available May to August