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This Amaryllis is now believed to consist of a single species which occur only in the southwest Cape Province area of South Africa. Commonly called Naked Ladies pertaining to the fact that the flower appears on long bear stems prior to the emergence of any leaves. They are best planted in a warm well drained position and allowed to dry out during their Summer dormancy. More Summer baking means more of their large sweetly scented flowers. Plant bulbs with their necks just above the ground level. Best left undisturbed to established good clumps. Fertilise with a small amount of complete fertiliser and potash when planting. Remove old foliage at the end of Spring and top dress with a small amount of potash. We withhold water (can't stop what nature provides) until the end of January and then give them a good soak to start the flowering cycle.


Available January to March

Belladonna 5 Shades of Pink
Belladonna alba
Belladonna Cyclamen Pink